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About Quarry crushing equipment

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Quarry is mainly in the mountains down large blocks of stone mining, and then use the machine to break the stone into a variety of sizes of different sizes of stones, these stones used in infrastructure projects, such as highways, high-speed rail, housing construction, municipal engineering, etc. , There is a large use is for the production of artificial sand, instead of days of hot river sand used as building materials.

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  About Quarry crushing equipment,stone production line of the main equipment:

  (1), stone production line, the broken material hardness does not exceed 320Mpa, such as granite, basalt stone, are applicable to two crushing process, the main equipment: vibration feeder - deep cavity jaw broken (a broken) Stone crusher (two broken, for the impact crusher, hammer crusher, impact crusher) - Vibrating screen - finished stone, the middle belt conveyor conveying materials.

  (2), when the material does not exceed 150Mpa hardness, the general use of a molding equipment, and its main equipment are: Vibrating Feeder - Efficient composite crusher (that is, two-in-one crusher, the bulk material through the unique design , One to achieve the desired size, generally hammer crusher) - shaker - finished stone, the middle belt conveyor conveying materials.

  Stone crusher is currently the core of such projects quarry equipment, especially large-scale infrastructure projects need to consume a lot of stone every day, quarry this one in the future for a long period of time is profitable. Kofi Da Machinery Company produces stone crusher equipment with a large crushing ratio, product size uniformity, simple structure, easy maintenance, model specifications and other advantages of full-size, to meet the different needs of users.

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