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Lime stone production line process

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Limestone main ingredients of calcium carbonate (CaCO3). Lime and limestone can be used in building materials, industrial raw materials in large quantities. Limestone and calcined lime can be directly processed into stone. Absorption of moisture or water becomes hydrated lime calcium lime. Hydrated lime through into lime, lime putty, etc., used as coating material and tile adhesive.

When producing 300-350 tonnes of lime sand stone production line process: stone blasting down from the mountains, through the dump truck is less than 750 mm of the stone into the vibrating feeder, vibrating feeder evenly into the stone jaw crusher, jaw crusher for crushing the stone in the first paragraph. Out of the jaw crusher of stone around 95 mm - 165 mm, into the euro counterattack crusher by belt conveyor for the second stage crushing, through the circular vibrating screen will return to back more than 40 mm material broken broken again, 40 mm below the stone into the sand making machine. Finally, sorted by circular vibration screen for screening, is greater than the finished product material return sand making machine is broken again, the finished product by belt conveyor to the finished product area.

New system sand making machine use:

Suitable for iron ore, copper ore, gold and silver ore, molybdenum ore, zinc ore, manganese ore, glass raw materials, refractory materials, ceramics, building sand corundum, rock salt, fluorite, talc, olive branch, and carbonization silicon steel slag and limestone, hard, hard and corrosion resistance of materials coarse crushing and finely homework. Welcome advice website customer service to choose.

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