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A large dolomite Raymond mill powder machine how many money?

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Dolomite a lot of people are not unfamiliar, this is a kind of carbonate minerals, often symbiosis with plaster, etc. After Raymond mill and other equipment processing, can be used as cement raw materials, building materials, such as application scope is very broad. So, how much money a large dolomite Raymond mill?

Raymond mill

Dolomite Raymond mill is specially used for processing of dolomite powder grinding equipment, processing ability is strong, can be dolomite processing between 80-325 mesh, large equipment output per hour can be achieved between 15 to 25 tons, can meet the requirements of production in large and medium-sized enterprises.

In terms of price, the price of the large dolomite Raymond mill is moderate, different manufacturers and in different parts of the price is different, here also can't give the user an exact price.You can seek advice website customer service, tell your needs, we will introduce you to the right equipment and quote for you.

Our company launched a series of Raymond mill equipment, models complete, stable performance, strong processing capacity, the cost-effective, welcome new and old users to an on-the-spot investigation of our factory.

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