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Jaw crusher price is influenced by what factors?

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Jaw crusher has a simple structure, high yield, strong processing capacity, as well as the low price. Many factors affect the price of jaw crusher, the steel price, ore price, the price of building materials, and even house prices will affect the crusher quotation. For now, the price of the jaw crusher is mainly by steel, the market dynamic, equipment manufacturing process and the influence of such factors as technical content.

1. Make the price of raw materials

Crusher main manufacturing raw material is steel, so the domestic steel prices directly affects the jaw crusher manufacturing costs, and price fluctuations.

2. The value of the wearing parts

Jaw crusher is often work under poor production conditions, the consumption of wearing parts accounted for a large part of the cost of production. So the value of the parts, also affects the crusher production cost and price fluctuations.

3. Machinery and equipment manufacturing process

Seiko manufacturing crusher has invested more r&d cost and artificial cost, this will affect the machine finished product prices.

4. The change of market demand

Real estate, railways, highways, Bridges, airports, water conservancy and other infrastructure projects, the demand for sand and gravel, promoting the sustainable development of the related production equipment, which in turn affect the price of the jaw crusher.

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