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About the gypsum powder, how much do you know?

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Gypsum application has a long history, but simply to make early chalk, do simple handicraft, putty, the lack of in-depth research and development, and therefore did not arouse people's attention.In the late 1970 s, especially since reform and opening in China, with the rapid development of economy, a large amount of consumption of gypsum construction, building materials and other related industrial demand for gypsum has increased dramatically, gypsum has attracted more and more attention, has formed a huge industry.

In recent years, with the development of gypsum products, especially in the increasing of high-level architectural building materials industry, gesso building materials market has become a tight product.2005 national gypsum powder dosage is about 120 million tons, the production of 85 million tons, the shortfall of 35 million tons, far cannot satisfy the market demand, so the processing and the development of the project has a large market, and high profits, economic benefit is good.

Early, gypsum powder production process and production line automation level is not high, mostly in manual operation or half automation, gypsum powder product quality has long been at a low level, low quality.Liming heavy industry study, after 30 years development experience on the basis of milling equipment, in accordance with the various features of the plaster, adoption of the euro, vertical mill and other equipment, the whole production line adopts the DCS automatic control system, realized the real automation production technology.Production line equipment performance is good, high production efficiency, product quality is good, complementary with dust collector, meet the national requirements of environmental protection, by market favour.

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