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Ore crusher equipment selection requirements

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Ore crusher is an important mining machinery, widely used in highway, construction, water conservancy, mining, ports, in areas such as construction, in the ore crushing, processing has very important application.Ore crusher is divided into basic jaw crusher, cone crusher, counterattack crusher, impact crusher, mobile crushing station, etc., each have each scope.When choosing crusher type, we need to consider what factors?

1. Type and hardness of the material
The material and hardness is to choose the kinds of broken equipment first factor to consider.Degree of hard and soft material hardness of the said material, has direct relationship with the fragility of material, usually use mohs hardness, said was divided into 10 levels, the higher the level of material is more hard, crushing the greater the difficulty, the higher the demand for crushing equipment.Such as particle size of large or medium hard materials generally impact crushing, such as jaw crusher, cone crusher, etc.

2. Material size
Material size determines the suitable type of crusher.If the feeding granularity is larger and the discharging granularity smaller, often require secondary crushing or multistage crush.Broken jaw crusher is as a general level, and counterattack crusher, cone crusher is generally used as secondary break even tertiary crushing.

3. The requirement of production
Production is also the important indexes of the ore crusher equipment, conventional understanding for the production requirements, the higher the required crushing equipment specification, the greater the corresponding input and output will increase.

4. The construction site
The specific situation of the construction site is the direct factors affecting crusher equipment selection.For example, the construction site of the venue, crushing equipment installation location, such as size, which directly affect the ore crusher equipment type selection and configuration scheme of production line.

In general, we want to know more about the professional knowledge, comprehensive analysis of the scene of the specific situation, and can according to the specific situation of the choice of crushing equipment and production lines of specific arrangements.If you are not good grasp, welcome to consult customer service, tell us your needs, technical staff will provide you with reasonable selection and configuration scheme.

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