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Vibrating feeder bearing overheating of the cause and the solution

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Motor vibrating feeder in the process of operation, the motor drives the eccentric block, produces vibration, drive the hopper, vibration material flow.In normal operation, the bearing has been in the process of high-speed rotation, thus produce some heat is normal phenomenon, don't have to worry about.But if bearing overheating, will affect the use of the equipment.That is the reason caused the bearing overheating problem?For the problem how to solve?

mining Vibrating Feeder

In the face of such problems we need to calm analysis, put forward the corresponding solution measures to fundamentally solve the problem.The first is to find the cause of the vibrating feeder bearing heating, we summarized the following:
1. Motor as a whole, or place of load imbalance;
2. The motor stator and rotor friction and collision;
3. Vibration motor on both ends of the bearing assembly is not parallel, this is the quality problem of the equipment;
4. There may be foreign bodies blocking the air vents of the motor, ventilation cause bearing heating.

Vibrating feeder bearing heating has many forms, so be determined according to the reasons and forms processing methods:
1. The surface of bearing and motor are serious fever, vibration is big, show that phase stator, rotor, the machine need to repair in time.
2. On both ends of the motor bearings are fever phenomenon, big vibration.If the load is the wind leaf, leaves the sound of the wind is not uniform, and changes over speed.If the bearing overheating, vibration, check the need to remove the motor repair.
3. The motor bearings on both ends of fever, vibration, noise at the same time.After downtime, hand pull (rotational part is hard.Check for loose end cover bolts, anchor bolts are loose.After tightening, if still appear bearing severe fever, need to inspect the motor and reassemble.
4. The vibrating feeder bearing heating, but the vibration and noise are no exception, check on both ends of the motor, the presence of obstacles impede ventilation.

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