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The characteristics of the building sand production equipment sand making machine

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Building sand sand making machine is now commonly used new type impact building sand sand making machine, it is a kind of can meet the national standards of building sand production, the special equipment of higher sand aggregate.Sandy uniform particle size, high compressive strength, than natural sand, sand hammer broken in the production of more conform to the requirements of the high standard construction sand;It was based on the feeder, jaw crusher, PCLS sand making machine, vibrating screen, sand washing machine and belt conveyor connection as a production line.This production line is the whole process of discharging is smooth, reliable operation, high efficiency and energy saving, 50% of energy than conventional devices.

The building sand machine has the following features:
1. Suitable for mass production of 50-300 tons/hour.
2. The production cost of finished sand is approximately 3/5 of the conventional production line.
3. High degree of production automation, low energy consumption, large crushing ratio.
4. The investment recovery period is short and the investment can be recovered within 4-5 months.
5. With plastic function, the product into a cube.
6. The finished product has excellent particle size and meets national standards.

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