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Liming Heavy Industry sand stone production line configuration

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As we know, the purpose of sand production line is the production of sand and gravel, meets the needs of various cities, etc.For modern society need special attention is that, we can not to damage the environment while creating economic expense.In this way can we configure the value of sand production line better.

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The main configuration of the production line include: feeding equipment, crushing equipment, screening equipment, washing equipment.We first from the crushing equipment, crushing equipment including jaw crusher, cone crusher, counterattack crusher, vertical impact crusher and so on.Our specific choice which type to combine our requirements to consider the whole stone production line production.If we are kind of big stone production line, production capacity, demand is relatively high, then we can choose the jaw crusher and cone crusher, cone crusher production efficiency is high, the machine is stable, uniform size and the shape of the finished product is perfect, jaw crusher broken than large, so the combination of these two kinds of crusher is more common in the stone production line.Determine the types of the crusher, we should consider the specific equipment models consider cooperation between different devices.Also, depending on the need to aggregate type, reasonable configuration.

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