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F5X heavy vibration feeder

Vibrating feeder in the crushing production line for the continuous and uniform feeding of crushing equipment, is to deal with the ideal material for raw materials screening equipment. F5X heavy-duty vibrating feeder is a new type of high-efficiency vibration feeder designed and developed independently by Liming Heavy Industry in 2016.
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  •   F5X heavy vibration feeder can be widely used in metallurgy, coal, ore dressing, building materials, chemicals, abrasive and other industries crushing, screening equipment, the block, granular materials from the storage material warehouse uniform, To the receiving device. 2016 Liming Heavy Industry Company R & D and production of three new products, in addition to F5X-type heavy vibration feeder, as well as new CI5X high-energy impact crusher, the new CI6X series of high-energy jaw crusher.