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mining C6X high-energy jaw crusher

mining C6X jaw crusher is now the world's most popular jaw crusher. C6X high-energy jaw crusher using the most advanced crushing technology and manufacturing level, efficient broken hard, strong abrasive materials.The crusher is mainly used in metallurgy, mining, chemical, cement, construction, refractory and ceramics industries.
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  • Mining C6X high-energy jaw crusher is usually driven by the motor as a power source, the motor through the SPC belt to the power input to the pulley, pulley driven eccentric shaft rotation to drive the jaw body for up and down before and after the jaw plate moving jaw movement, Crushing chamber volume is reduced, the crushing chamber of the material is squeezed or broken, when moving the jaw away from the fixed jaw movement, the crushing chamber volume becomes larger, crushing cavity broken pieces of material from the discharge port was Discharge, as a continuous cycle of movement, to achieve crushing operations.